Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Last one I swear! 

I forgot. I have lots of pics, and have many downloaded onto a cd. Now
I need to find a computer with a cd-rom so I can get them on the
internet. Relax! I'll get there!

It's time for a contest!

My packpack has more in it than I'd like it to have. The contest is to
determine what can be trimmed out. The winner (I determine who that
is) gets a bonafide email from China!!

Here's what I have:

2 short-sleeve shirts (one wicking one cotton)
Long sleeve shirt
2 pairs of pants
1 cotton pair of socks, 2 liners, 3 hiking socks
3 pairs boxers, one whities
warmer fleece
tuc and gloves
sun hat and bball cap
cam towel
books (none are going! stay away!)
first aid kit
cameras (digital and film type)

Let's see what you can come up with!

Burn the baseball hat, unless your lemur uses it as a toilet. The safest thing to mail home is the film camera as you always end up clicking pic's on everyone else's cameras anyway. Save the digital one to record your last will and testament with if you break your leg in the Himalayas. Your adventures give us pluggers hope.
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