Saturday, October 09, 2004

Gold Help me! 

No, not because of the 22 hour bus ride we are getting on in 3 hours,but because we are in an internet cafe in Guilin and they're damnplaying the Backdoor Boys. My ears started bleeding, and now the only sounds registering are....nothing any more. Thank god I've gone deaf!

That's right, we finally got out of Yangshuo. We caught an early bu to Guilin this morning, intending to get a sleeper train to Chengdu. Guess what? They ran out of tickets!! Bastards. This was at 10am thismorning. So instead we got tickets for a long bus ride and have been lugging our packs around town all afternoon. Fortunately(?) we ran into a Chinese guy very eager to practice his english, so he found us this place-as well as the art studio where at he and his prof dude were having their last day of an art show. Rachelle and I both bought something. I have to not give in to stuff like that, because otherwise\se I will find myself coming home earlier than planned (or proselytizing myself). And we don't want that, do we? Didn't think so.

The last couple days were a bit uneventful, with the exception of the rooster incident. I will get to that in another entry. Let's just say that that flea-ridden bag of cockadoodlecrank won't be waking anyone up early anymore. We sat around, talked with English speaking chinese(they love to practice), went for a bike ride to catch sunset on a bridge while the locals held burn the countryside down night and ate and ate and had one beer each. That's all I swear.

22 hours....long long time on a bus. Yikes. But once we get there we will have giant pandas to play with, perhaps the world's largest buddha, and I'm going to wash my underwear.

Let me give a shout out to all my homey's in cellblock 6W. We out herein the Chinizzouse appreciate the 411's on the white world and your lives that you are passing along to us out here in the land of winkin'blinkin' and noodle. Doesn't take too long for me and the R-ride to run out of new stories to tell each other (though her's sometimes take3.5 days to come to conclusion. Ask H. He knows) and it's nice to have someone else's livelihood to discuss. So keep 'em coming! For those that have remained reticently retreated riting rudely not, ain't no thang! But you ain't gettin' that bag o' rice I had planned to pass along.

On a lighter note, my horoscope predicts great things for me this month (Susan Miller at Astrologyzone.com. My little sis swears by and may be in love with her. Speaking of my sis, I mentioned a route intoTibet to her, and she swore to castrate my eyes if I took the spoken illegal route without her. I guess it's worse than the one she took when she went in [my life was also threatened if I decided to go in legally. Free Tibet, eh?] {The Backdoor Boys are now singing "Kiss" byPrince. Seriously, I'm about to commit Harey Carey here. No, that joke never gets old]). October is supposed to be my world's greatest month ever, though the dets are hard to come by. Something about money for writing? Kick it in to higher gear and let it ride on red! Right now,I'd settle for this freakin' cold to go away. It's close, but it's still kicking a bit.

Question-do you think that brushing your teeth all the time with pure baking soda will do bad things eventually? It's making my smile all pearly white (though not so minty fresh. and isn't pearly white bad? that's gotta be an off white) but the backs of my big teeth are feeling funny. Maybe it's just a calcium deficiency. That'd be better

Roto rooter that sumbitchin' thing home!

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