Monday, September 13, 2004

What was they thinking? 

I think I am done with road trips for a long while now. This past weekend went like this: Chicago to West Lafayette, IN on Thursday; WL to Fort Wayne, IN to Columbus, OH on Friday. Columbus to Chicago on Sunday. Whew! The little Saturn made it no problem (despite the fact that on Thursday before I left the guys at Grease Monkey tried to get me to buy a new serpentine belt. I didn't and showed them!) and is now resting comfortably in the back yard.

Why Columbus? Why not? One of my college roommates lives there. He works for Honda, and Honda put on this big gala on Saturday with lots of free entertainment. Like what? Well I'll tell you. Early in the afternoon we watched Brooks and Dunn perform (they had the sound cranked too high for the unfilled arena). Then we wandered over to see Wayne Brady and friends do a "Who's Line is it Anyway" type performance (funny as hell). Then we watched THE Ohio State University pull off another last second win against Marshall.

Columbus seems like a nice town, but there's too many OSU fans there. And they are not keen on you cheering against their team in a bar....but that's another story.

After the game we wandered back over to the concert arena to watch Jon Bon Jovi! It was a hell of a show! My friends and I debated back and forth the whole time as to whether or not Jon is non-heterosexual or is simply predisposed to prance. (yeah, he's married with a kid or more, but that is irrelevant, ok?).

FYI-don't follow up beer with whiskey cokes. I mean you can, it's just not the best idea.

After the concert we ended up at some dude's house to 'play some cards'. Instead my buddy's wife fed the dog a couple beers and we headed home. A good night had by all

Now I am back at the 'rents' house. I used the elliptical runner this morning. It's a good workout, just be careful. It is possible to get bucked off. Not that I would know personally, my friend from Niagara Falls told me. Don't ask, you wouldn't know him.

More cowbell!!!

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