Wednesday, September 22, 2004


This town is infested with all sorts of vermin! I took another late night fog walk last night, and I had to make an effort not to step on rabbits. The dang things were everywhere! I didn't see any skunks, but twice I had to veer off course to escape the pungent odor of skunk! Unreal. But what are you going to do, right?

I keep saying I have nothing exciting to report and, well, I still don't I guess. But our trip plans have changed (and I haven't even left yet!). We will no longer be going to Nepal. Thanks to the Maoists, the country ain't all that stable. They are bombing places, taking 'collections' from hikers, and causing general chaos. And they don't like Americans surprisingly enough. So we decided to do the smart thing and not willingly go into a bad situation. How's that for smart? Bet you never thought I'd do something like that, eh? Instead I will be meeting Rachelle in London as planned. But instead of flying to Delhi and then Kathmandu, we've got a 45-hour direct flight to Hong Kong. Now we will be getting 6 weeks in China instead of the planned 3. And I am fine with that. There's a lot to see there so as bummed as I am about Nepal, I'm excited about having more time to see China.

As an added blessing, not going to Nepal negates the need for me to bring hiking boots (at least I hope it does because I'm leaving them here). That lightens my pack, which is nice. My feet are also quite pleased. Why? Let's just say the boots are not nearly as broken in as they should be for 3 weeks of trekking. Or even for an afternoon hike.

Man, my bunions hurt!

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