Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Ok kids, here it goes. This is going to be sloppy, but too bad. I've been up for 30 hours now, and have slept a whopping 9 hours or so since Sunday night. Right now it's 8:40PM on Wednesday and it's 6:40am in Denver on Wednesday. I think. I'm a little skewered up right now. Oh yeah-as we speak I am sitting in a dingy downstairs internet room in Hong Kong, paying about $1.50 an hour to regale you with my wit(lessness). I didn't know that I'd get this to work here (since Blogger is banned in China, and technically China owns Hong Kong) so I gotta get it all in while I can before we head out!

What's happened so far? Well let me tell you! I flew out of Chicago Monday morning and got to London Heathrow no problem. I watched 2 movies and entertained myself with sugar packets and oyster crackers. Good times. I grabbed my bag off the rubber go-around thing (so nice of it to show up!) and headed to customs. It was easy enough, but before they let me thru they made me sit down and eat fish and chips with them. Very strange. Rachelle met outside of customs (she had just flow in from Madrid. That's in Spain), and as I rounded the bend singing along with Montgomery Gentry, I saw her standing there giving me the cutest face! It was the: "It's about damn time you decided to start your damn trip that you started planning before me but here I've been gone a month and now your sorry ass dragged itself offa the couch, but I'm glad to see you because now I can give all maps to you and follow you around" face. Hugs and kisses, oh so cutesy wootsie get a room you silly Americanskis. We headed to the desk for stupid foreigners with no place to sleep, and the folks there helped us get a decently priced place near the city. They were a little cranky because it was late and they were the last ones there, yet all the same they made is sit and have tea and strumpets with them before running to get our train! Fun train ride, walk to the hotel inside the Hotel Wellington made me think of Johnny Walker tasting and Ulmer's hot pockets and so I walked inside yelling "PEEEAAATT!" But they didn't understand and called me a twit. The room was nice and we spent the next day walking around seeing things. Rachelle was slightly amused at my imitation of Chevy Chase in "European Vacation". "Look kids, Big Ben, Parliament!!" Insert crazy laugh. However, the drivers in the roundabout were not amused, and on the third lap they were out for blood. We also saw the changing of the guard. THE MOST USELESS WASTE OF TIME/MONEY ON HOLDING ON TO AN IRRELEVANT PAST I'VE SEEN IN A LONG TIME!!! Wow. The band played a Beatles medley which I guess is cool and relevant? But when they broke out into "Livin' on a Prayer" we had to leave. Rachelle didn't want to go, she tried to run out and sing chorus for them. She didn't see the sniper with a sword (saw the 'w'!!) and handful of chips. More walking around, damn fish and chips on every corner. Not in restaurants, people wearing ties and talking clippedly handing them out. So strange! Fresh though.

Back to Heathrow (total time in London-20 hours touchdown to liftoff). We managed to get seats next to each other and the 11 and 1/2 hour plane ride began. It's amazing how a 15 minute nap will make you feel rested. Though when it ends with 8 and 1/2 hours left in the flight it's very anticlimactic. And watching everyone else sleep soundly around you...it sucks. I saw some mountains though. They were pretty. We were in the front of one section, so we had lots of leg room, pop up screens, and a baby next to rachelle that they placed on top of a shelf in a baby seat that straddled Rachelle and the kid's mom. Cool kid. I made faces and the little bastard for a long time. It aroused out of him THE most bewildered expression I've ever seen. It was a: "what in the shit is wrong with that guy!" face. But he liked it when I sawed and poked his feet with a plastic knife and put a cup on his feet. Rachelle and the mom weren't too impressed, because the mom was trying to feed the little guy who kept throwing my presents to him into Rachelle's food. Oops. But I outdid myself on that. As we were getting ready to land, a little girl 12 seats over was crying. I looked over, we made eye contact, I waved hello and smiled, she vigorously nodded no, and cried harder. That doens't even make sense. Who answers a 'hello' with a 'no'?

Hong Kong is very crowded and hot and humid but cool.

Come in tower, we've got a problem. I'm starting to sway and it's nt my intent, and I'm feeling a bit dizzy. Me thinks daddy wants/needs to go pass out somewhere. I hope I can make it back to the hotel room. If I don't, will Rachelle look for me or wake up in the morning, step over me and sell my stuff?

More later if I live

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