Thursday, September 30, 2004

Back at it! 

Whew! I didn't think I was going to be able to get on here! Luck was with me.

So I got some sleep. About 10 hours, but still ended up fading by about 8pm last night. Which is why I've been awake since 5am this morning. Stupid time changes...

Hong Kong is pretty cool. However, the crowds are incessant and overwhelming, and the air pollution is ridiculous! My lungs hurt by the end of last night! In fact, we saw a lot of people walking around wearing surgical masks to block what they could of the airborne stuff. Ouch.

What did we do? Good question. We woke up, ate the breakfast provided by the hotel (not bad, and they had coffee thank Pan!), then headed out. Our first area of heading toidness, was the Temple of 10,000 buddhas. We had to get there by walking thru the most densely populated area in the world. Insane I tell you! The Temple was very ornate and wacky. We had to walk up something like 4,000 steps in 90 degree heat, 99.9% humidity, and lots of pollution. Felt good on the lungs. The steps leading up were lined with life-sized golden buddhas. I will come back later and refresh the details. I forget them all and the tour book is upstairs. Back to the stairs. I counted all them damn guys on the way up and only got to about 850 (I messed up and had to restart a couple time. That helped nothing). At the top was a large pagoda, and inside were the actually 10,000 buddhas (I was misled!)-miniature scale. We (me) counted those, and there ended up being the 10,000 as well as a bonus 2,801 or so. Crazy stuff.

Ah crap, I'm almost out of time here! I'll talk quick, and expand later.

We got dim sum-a local ordered for us. The people here have been very nice and very friendly.

Lots of walking was done-I think I'm finally melting away my baby fat!

Rachelle bought a jade pendant, though she had to get rough with the guy to get a good deal (stick and twist!)

More walking, then we took a tram up 450 feet to an overlook over the city. It would have been spectacular had the entire place not been socked in and covered with smog (and maybe some fog, but I doubt it).

Basically we went home then, tired, and sore and dirty. As we stumbled back, Rachelle said she was covered with 1/2 inch of grime. And she was! It was gross

Today we're doing some hiking and sitting on a becah while planning where we are going tomorrow (we are leaving HK and heading into China).

More later when my stomach isn't growling for breakfast and coffee


p.s.-Don't worry, I'm back to being caught up on sleep so I can start not sleeping again!

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