Wednesday, August 25, 2004


Yeah I know, quit complaining. I expect no sympathy from anyone for being tired today, but I'm going to complain anyway. Yesterday was an action packed and exhausting day!

Well, not really. I know Downers Grove may sound like an exciting place, but...it's not. What did I do yesterday? I drove R to the airport and got stuck in traffic on the way home (had mom's car with her fancy stereo so that was fun), read a bunch (Kafrka's The Trial. Very good), got to watch the Simpsons and a couple episodes of MXC (I love that show! Mom watched with me, and even she was laughing!), ate dinner....good stuff. I finally went for a late night fog walk. Checked out the neighborhood for the first time in years. Memory lane was dark and humid but interesting. I walked past many of the houses whose lawns I once mowed, past St. Joseph's School (where I went to grade school and church [before I became an ex-Catholic]). I saw the rectory and wondered if they still have/use the brick patio I built for them (believe it or not, none of the priests were up and about at 12:30 on a Wednesday night.)(Yesterday was Wednesday, wasn't it?) and St. Andrews where our Boy Scout troop used to meet. Eventually I meandered down to Prince Pond. It's been years since I laid my eyes on that retentio....little pond. It looked serene and clean in the dark. I passed the park district's Lincoln Center and wandered around some more before going back home.

I can tell you are all enthralled. Yes, that was sarcastic. Too bad! It amused me briefly to think that once upon a time the park 2 blocks down was thought of as getting far away. Prince Pond was a huge trip that always scared mom (I had to cross MAIN STREET!). Now here I am going off to who knows where. Big jump. Hm.

Why am I tired, you ask? I'm tired because after I got home I read a little bit and called my sis in China. I ended up talking with her until after 4:30am. It was nice because I haven't talked with her in way too long. I am excited to meet up with her, though a tad apprehensive (not really, I need to pretend to be for mom's sake. Makes me sound cautious and foresightfull doesn't it?) because she is proposing heading thru some...interesting? countries after we leave Uzbekistan (that is where I am going to meet up with her in January). She also suggested going to Pakistan instead of Nepal. Apparently the trekking is amazing. I need to suggest that to my fellow traveling companions.

The coffee today is better than it has been. Dad left for work with his translucent brew hours ago, so the mud in my cup is my own doing. Much better. I won't have to drunk 6 cups today (I don't HAVE to, but maybe I will anyway).

Gotta get all fired up for another day of unemployment here in DG!!

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