Monday, August 02, 2004


What a day it's been already! Not even 9am and I am contemplating the ills and the benefits of going to the kitchen to get my third cup of coffee. I'll wait until I am on my way to the staff meeting (last ever!) and I'll go with the makeshift mocha (directions: put a packet of hot cocoa in cup. Add coffee. Stir) so that I get some sugar in addition to more caffeine.

As I made the drive in to work this morning, it hit me that this is MY LAST MONDAY MORNING! That's exciting.

My first move once I got in to the office was to check my email, my blog and my regular morning reading sites. I discovered that Zombyboy penned a "tribute" to me. That was really nice. Thanks for the well wishes, Z. I will take you up on the beer and shot offer when I get back. I was also glad to see I made him blush. It's been a while since I made a grown man turn red.

As might be expected, this fifth to last day of work for me has pretty much been a waste. Only a few more hours and I can quit pretending and go home. Actually, I guess it hasn't been a complete waste. I've gotten a small amount of work done, and have been harassed by a vast majority of my co-workers. There is a certain satisfaction in being labeled a 'short-timer'.

I need more coffee. Or beer. Maybe I'll post again after work, or after some beers tonight (Milo's, here we come!)

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