Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Mystery beer 

For those outside of the know, I play volleyball Tuesday nights down at Wash Park. It's fun, even when it's 95 and somehow humid like last night. Leaves ya a little drained! No, I don't miss the midwest weather. Last night, on the last play of the last game I played (3 guys, but it's 4x4, so we each play 2/3 of the games), I jammed the hell out of my thumb. Haven't done that in a while, and I remember why. I had to ride my bike home using my other fingers to change gears which got exciting.

But that's not my point. Is it bad to start a story with a digression?

Let's start over-after vball, we went down to the Pearl Street Grill (PSG). Being unemployed, I thought it smart to eat before vball and not after. Good plan. Instead I had an adult beverage or 2. On Tuesday nights, the PSG has a great deal-$2 for a mystery beer. What makes it a mystery? You never know what you'll get. The bartender reaches into something and pulls out a bottle. I was 2 for 3 last night. Unfortunately, it all began with an Aspen Edge. Crap. Personally, I think the Atkins is crap and has become an ideal way for lazy people to lose some weight without making a concerted effort (or to be 'trendy'). I will admit it may be a good way to start losing weight. But if you don't eat less or start exercising...come on.

That's my whole point. I had to suffer thru a low carb BS beer (I tore the labels off to save myself some embarrassment) before getting on to a real beer. It hurt

No, I have no point

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