Sunday, August 15, 2004

Lounging around in the pouring hail 

Details of the marathonic jaunt from Denver to Vegas are forthcoming, but not in today's mail.

For now be content with excerpts from a day at the girlfriend's parents' house in sunny and hot Vegas which was much of neither today. Sitting in the back snacking on a mix of I & O burgers and fries and shake and berries and assorted various fruits and dipping in the pool at intervaled ludes later on coming the menacing greys and blacks ovre the lounging masssive hills to the west. Poring forth from the beyond came vast amounts of pea sized hail and torrentially pouring rains dousing the veneer of the land with motleyed precips only later to be replaced with the sun and pouring sweat. But for a time it were cool and wet and non-desertish (yes, Vegas the fastest growing landes in the west is in fact located amidst an arid water-less inhospitable desert [defined as an area receiving less than 10inches of precip per year according to this mambo jambo] the Mojave desert though you'd never know it by the pooling lakes and ponds and fountains and home after home after home and in the desert [in which Vegas properish is contained] it's <6inches and in San Diego [german for 'whale's vagina'] per annum precip is ~10inches [borderline desert] while Mississippi way deluges drop ~53inches [no desert there my friend!]) and quite pleasant. Now it is time to dine and wine and benign under the panoply of stars that have not yet come out to shine.

As Kenny Loggins croons: "I'm alright. Nobody worry 'bout me"

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