Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Intellectual pursuits 

In another raging example of intelligence and mind broadening, my hetero-roommate (I swear! It doesn't count if it's not my house) and I spent the early part of last night watching tv and drinking Busch Light (FYI-carrying a 30-pack of BLD and a sixxer of Fat Tire on your back starts to get heavy after a ffew blocks, even with the hip belt and chest strap fully engorged...engaged). What did we watch? Well, as it was a highly intellectual evening (as evidenced by the title of this entry), we watched FOX's beach show-North Shore (during the show, my big dumb friend, who we'll call CRAIG, suggested I get NORTH SHORE tattooed across my chest in preparation for my time in Hawaii. I'm not that dumb. All the time).

Here is a recap of the show-a semi-discernible plot. Terrible acting, but lots of hotties and skin and decent scenic shots.

North Shore ran from 7-8pm.

This was followed by the Summerland on the WB from 8-9pm. In contrast with North Shore, Summerland provided decent acting (remember Rebecca from Full House? She's on it. And time has made her even hotter), decent storyline, but not nearly as much skin or scenery.

Somehow we found the brain power to get up off our respective couches and head over to Milo's to quaff a couple of Guinness. Our short (and stout) friend, who I'll call JEFF, met up with us. More intellectual conversations followed. Ok, not really. I don't have any idea what we talked about. Our favorite waitress Angie was serving us, and that's always fun. However, she is leaving the state to head back to her homeland after this week. Normally I would be saddened, but since I will be leaving town soon after, it's all good. But her going away party is this Thursday (finally. One that isn't for me!) and we will have to trek back to Milo's to wish her well (and buy her drinks).

I am being productive at work today! Way to go me!

Jimmy John's may be in my future again today. Day old? Not sure. Game time decision

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