Monday, August 09, 2004

First true day of unemployment 

I think I could get used to this not working thing. Slept in today, went for a run, took a shower, and it's not even 10 yet! On top of that, I've eaten my yogurt (good for maybe squelching a few parasites over in Asia), reheated my coffee from last night, and called to get a quote on a rental bus for the bach party I have in Chicago in a couple weeks. And I'm getting my itinerary ready so that I can call and get a plane ticket. Whew! Not sure I can handle all this productivity. Coming up-the dentist (chipped a tooth somehow. Weird. I'm usually so docile and well behaved. No idea how that could have happened) and then lunch with some friends. Then back to hopefully order my plane ticket. Sweet.

It's finally hitting home that I am leaving. The last couple/few days were kinda sad, but today I am feeling pretty excited! I'll try to get some more blogging in. I've been bad the last few days.

Not much has happened. Other than my job ending, and a whole new life starting. No big deal


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