Sunday, August 22, 2004

The Drive (#1) 

Yes, I've been a bad blogger. I'm sorry! Once again, I will try to do better.

Going back in time a week, let's relate my drive to Vegas, shall we?

First, why did I go out there? My girlfriend's parents live out there. She drove out there with a lot of her stuff (she is taking a year off, and is storing some of her stuff out in Sin City). Since she is leaving her car out there, she needed a ride back to Denver. So I drove out Friday and back Monday to spend some time with her and her folks.

Enough background, on to the story.

Not much of a story, really. More of a testament to my stubbornness. For those who have never made the drive from Denver to Vegas, it's about 11 hours (I have a Saturn, leave me alone) a large portion of which is thru the desert. It gets rather 'warm' in the desert during the day in August. How does any of that make me stubborn? It doesn't. My pigheadedness becomes obvious when I tell you that I made the entire drive with the windows open and never used the air despite the fact I lost about 20lbs of water weight.

When the woman and her fam saw me, they said I looked the same as I did after riding my motorcycle out there. Not a good sign. I was windblown, my eyes were bright red (I've decided I am allergic to something in that desert), my ears were partially working (open windows, loud music, occasional use of the minidisc when the radio failed to please), and I was tired.

A quick dip in the pool helped tremendously, though the beer with dinner knocked me down again.

It was a fun, relaxing weekend, and I finished my book of the moment (Desolation Angels, Kerouac. Damn good). The drive back was a lot easier, because we (Me and said female) had the air on the entire drive.

When will I learn? Oh yeah. Never

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