Wednesday, July 21, 2004

What a day, and it's only 8am! 

I am going to link Michael King's blogsite. Not a specific post, the whole page. He has quite the plethora of stories today, and all of them are pretty....wow. Let's take a look see:

UPI is reporting that 3 missiles with nuclear heads were found in Iraq. This has NOT been confirmed yet, but if it is?

Baghdad, Iraq, Jul. 21 (UPI) -- Iraqi security reportedly discovered three missiles carrying nuclear heads concealed in a concrete trench northwest of Baghdad, official sources said Wednesday.
The official daily al-Sabah quoted the sources as saying the missiles were discovered in trenches near the city of Tikrit, the hometown of ousted Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

The report could not be authenticated by the interior ministry or the national security department, but the paper noted Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshiar Zibari made a surprise request recently to Mohammed el-Baradei, head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, to resume inspections for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Next we have the discovery of Paul Johnson's head in a freezer. What the hell is that? What is wrong with these people? I am pretty sure the Koran does not condone saving an executed person's body parts (nor anyone else's for that matter).

Finally, there are rumors that Michael Jackson is surrogately fathering 4 kids (is there any other way for him to have kids? Who'd want to sleep with that scary lookin' mo' fo'?). 

Aw hell, after a morning like this, I'm ready to go home (can I blame those stories for wanting to leave my cube? Even though the real reason is that I feel lazy and would rather go take a nap?).

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