Thursday, July 08, 2004

My prerogative 

There ain't nothing wrong with sitting around all night drinking Busch Light Draft while emailing and listening to Kenny Chesney sing about having a damn keg in the closet! Is there? I don't think so. I enjoyed myself. Toppered it all off with a late night Neddy Flanders type fog walk (without the fog) and some Sopranos. That Tony. What a cut-up! My brain has short-circuited leaving me with random electrical pulses jetting thru my grey matter bouncing off whatever they can. Typically the harder parts of the brain (where stubborn and sarcasm are stored).
Getting inked tomorrow (assuming it's not pushed back again), it'll be Stu's fault, not mine of course. He is ruining my life, you know? We discussed, and he feels no remorse. Nor do I feel any animosity towards him. If it is fault, I owe him some beer. I'll take care of that this summer. New CD-Alegria. Good damn stuff. Listening to it I feel that I should be improving my physical modalities in order to support my weight and that of another on one hand while we spin around in our skivvies below twirling bouncing jumping writhing supple young acrobatic lasses. This is going to be a long long day. I knew Tuesday going back quickly would not work out in my favor.

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