Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Francesca Opre 

I put up a post a couple weeks ago about Fran's death, and have been floored by the number of people that have gotten onto my site after doing a search on Google for her. It shows what an amazing person she was and how much she was loved and is missed. Again, I'm sad I didn't get the chance to get reacquainted with her.

A comment was left this morning in regards to the person that struck and killed her with his/her car. This person has yet to be found. It seems the media gave out an inaccurate description of the car. The person who left the comment has a website set up with a flyer that is being distributed in Chicago to try and find this car and its driver. If you live in Chicago, go here to print out the flyer. Go out and post the flyer around the city to help in the efforts to bring Fran's killer to justice.

UPDATE: Better quality flyers have been set up. Go here for flyers in englsh, here for flyers in spanish.

Bless you Corey!
The Dragon Lady
Thanks for your posts and kind rememberances of Francesca Opre. Franny's friends were always very important to her through her whole life. Franny's mom (Carmel), sister (Elena) & I remember you as a good friend to her in her grade school/jr. high years and we're grateful for that. Her current circle of friends have been fantastic in their outpouring of support and love for Franny and her family. There were nearly 50 friends & relatives gathered around Franny's hospital bed when she died on June 20. At the funeral home, the line of mourners snaked through the parlor, down the hall and out into the parking lot. Over 700 people paid their respects to Francesca in the 6 hour visitation period. The next day, St. Joseph's Church was packed for Franny's funeral mass. Even now, her friends are still amazing in their show of emotion and love for Franny. Several Chicago bars are doing benefits for Franny and several Chicago bands are playing benefit shows for her. Her family knew she had many friends, but we didn't realize how many people she had helped or touched in a positive way. Franny had a big, loving heart and she is missed immensely by the hundreds of us who love her.
Jim Opre, Franny's dad
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