Thursday, July 29, 2004

Arab and Muslim abuse and harassment 

The University of Michigan conducted a study to try and determine how widespread abuse of Arabs is in America right now. Michelle Malkin links the Wash Posts story on this report as well as some other reports conducted on the same topic. It's interesting. What's more interesting, is a comment she pasted in from Ed at Captain's Quarters (I'll piggyback her efforts on this one. Thanks, Michelle);

"Well, excuse me, but no s**t, Sherlock! I guarantee you that 60% of all Americans worry about the future of their families since 9/11. I worry about it every time I see my granddaughter, the Little Admiral. In terms of respect for their religion, it would help if groups like the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and other such organizations would worry less about namecalling and more about urging American Muslims to cooperate with law enforcement. Instead, we mostly hear how our foreign policy led to 9/11 and our need to listen to the terrorists rather than hunt them down and kill them.
And now we have this ridiculous study that claims 15% have received serious harrassment, only to find out that tasteless jokes count in the survey. Gee, can I start a survey among Irish-Americans that count every alcohol-related wisecrack I ever heard?"


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