Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Shout it out 

Jeff Jarvis has been talking about the whole indecency fiasco that started with a little brown star covered boob many months ago. He's been tracking various proceedings involving the FCC and of course tosses out his opinion on the matter.

I have to learn how to link to a specific posting as opposed to an entire webpage, but check this out and read what JJ has to say about things. Scroll down and check out The Daily Stern. It's good stuff.

Excerpts from today include:

Clear Channel will also admit that it aired indecent programming.


If they had balls or a spine or a soul or a brain, they'd fight this as a matter of Constitutional principle, as a defense of the First Amendment, and simply as good business. For now that they have knuckled under to the FCC, there's no telling what's next.

"I have to learn how to link to a specific posting...."

Look for the permalink to a post. On your own blog, you're marking them at the bottom of your posts with a "#" mark on the left.
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