Monday, June 28, 2004


A friend of mine recently wrote to her Canadian friend, and jokingly asked:

"Are you guys still letting terrorists through our borders?"

Her 'friend', wrote back only the following:

"Everyone and every living thing is so tired of Americans, America and the
self agrandising agendas of the American way of life, your enemies are
legion and you would do well not to make small chat over the matter. Are we
still letting terrorists into your country? How the fuck should I know? Did
America butt-fuck any little arabs this morning?

Fuck you and your gun loving patriots."

What the hell kind of a friend is that? How about some separation of politics and someone you know? It's maddening that a person so small-minded would destroy a friendship for no good reason. And yes, that person is small minded. When I was in Europe a couple years ago, I met a bunch of people who, shall we say, were less than keen on America. After we talked over a beer or 4, they came to the conclusion that there are decent people from the States, and I hope they went away not categorizing everyone from here as gun-toting egomaniacal assholes. I would think, that a friend would remember this and not lay total blame for the actions of their country on someone they know.

My friend does not fit the description of the people her 'friend' mentioned in the email. Idiotic. Apparently the US is the only country in the world that has ever done anything wrong. Oh wait-not true. Most other places seem to be ignored simply because they are not the largest and most powerful.

Maddening. Possibly more on this later. I need more coffee first

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