Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Non-Moore post 

Wow. I don't have much to say that doesn't involve the donut king. I've been singularly focused on the week's theme that I haven't had time to form any thoughts on other matters.

I did wear a tie yesterday. Said NASCAR real big vertically down it. Not sure it really fit in with the theme of the office, but that's ok. It made me smile (and everyone else laugh).

The V. Femmes is on my radio right now. The beauty of getting to work before the rest of the office (assuming you can find the light switches. That was an issue about 30 ago) is the quiet, the calm, and the fact that I can crank my radio without wearing earphones. That and it's easier to get shite done without distractions. And that is what I need today because I have a ton to do, and very little time to do it. Gotta go sign my house away at 2 today (I can't wait!) and I am supopsed to go celebrate at a bar after. I hope that can be done. We'll find out later.

Other people are here now. I wonder if they like Eminem as much as I do? I hope so. No one has said anything yet.

I started a new morning routine today (we'll see if it lasts longer than just this morning): get up real early, make some crappucino and read some of my sites before coming in to work (that way I can actually get to the work part of the day less than an hour after getting in here). It's working so far. I feel pretty good, though maybe not all that fresh.

Moore is a tubby dude

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