Tuesday, June 29, 2004

A new kind of party planner 

I am going to reference my friend Bill again. Why? He is so full of good ideas that I can't help but put up post after post that refer to his intelligence. He has pointed me down the path to a new career:
Party Planner for House Closings.

How did this come about? It's like this. My rooommate, B-Randy, is closing on my house tomorrow. I haven't decided whether or not to go thru with this, but I am contemplating bringing a beer filled backpack to the closing in order to ease the pain of signing paper after paper for approximately 10 hours. I figure that'll make the process slightly bearable. We had a few other ideas, none of them good. Such as:
Yell and bitch at each other the entire time.
Slug each other after each signature

Things of that nature.

I now have a request to make of you, dear reader. Give me some more ideas of how we can make this house closing more fun. Anything goes. I figure, I am giving up the place and leaving with a check, so they shouldn't really care how responsible I seem, so I should be able to get away with anything, right? Let's hear them ideas!

Sidenote-is there any reason to be legally concerned about bringing beer to a signing? That won't make it possible to declare the sale null and void like you could do to a wedding that transpired after getting really drunk in Vegas? That'd suck

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