Friday, June 18, 2004

More bad news 

Another apparent beheading of an American, this time in Saudi Arabia. These groups are so counterproductive! They seem to find it valid to abduct and/or kill people who have come to their country to HELP! How does this make sense? Oh yeah-pride and ignorance. Too prideful to let an "infidel" help. Regardless of what precipitated an event like the Iraq war, these people came over to help (and yes, for some they were making some good money). They were there to help!! Let them help and then send them home! Won't you feel better if some good comes out of it? And you can tell all your buddies: "Yeah, we totally used those Americans. What idiots. We didn't need their help but we used them up anyway."


My sympathies to the family and friends of Paul Marshall Johnson.

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