Friday, June 11, 2004

Life ain't easy for a boy named Shelley 

I am in a dither. Well, not really. I'm just tired because I stayed out way too late again last night. That's getting to be a bad habit for the last 10+ years.

That's not my point. The point is, I grew up outside Chicago, grew up a Bulls fan. This means I developed an intense hatred of the Detroit Pissants up north. Unfortunately, I am now finding myself in a position where I am forced to cheer for them to become the NBA World (misnomer) Champions. Why? Because I hate the Lakers even more. Not real sure why, it just happened. And the whole Kobe melodrama hasn't helped (is it bad that I would: 1. Love to not hear any damn more about his trial? And if anyone praises him again for being superhuman in his efforts to sit thru the court crap in CO and then fly to his next game and perform brilliantly, I may upchuck. Don't praise him for shite until he is acquitted. Because he may not be, and then you find that you have been praising a rapist. 2. I think I'd like to see him in jail. Why? It's disgusting to me that so many people refuse to believe that he is capable of doing anything bad. I don't follow the logic. He's a damn superstar. That in no way means he is incapable of raping a woman. In fact, it may make the scenario more likely. Get a life and quit worshipping a guy who plays a game. See the cop that just passed you? How about him? Or the firefighters saving your ass? Doctors? Engineers [thought I'd try and slip that in there. Did you notice?]?). But I digress.

Ok, I'm done with that diatribe. To condense and summarize: I want to see the Lakers lose, and I am tickled by the results of last night's game.

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