Saturday, June 26, 2004


In early Summer in Denver, there is a drastic increase in the number of Miller moths (I think that is their name. I call them "annoying bastards"). This might be ok if they didn't find a way to completely inundate the inside of your home, church, school, and porta-crapper. I even found a bunch in my office-which on the 6th floor of an office building with no openable windows. These little bastards are annoying, and fall apart if you so much as look at them, depositing their parts all over.

Fine. I've gotten used to dealing with them for a couple weeks.

Recently, my house experienced a new infestation-flies.

I was laying on my couch watching the Simpsons, when I noticed buzzing noises from the front picture window. I looked over during a commercial, and saw way more movement than normal up near the top of the window. Cursing, I drew up the blinds and was greeted by at leasat 10,547 flies almost covering the window. I blanched, then moved the other couch, grabbed a rolled up newspaper and went to war. The carcasses were strewn everywhere and many were smashed against the window. They were lethargic and easy to kill. Very odd. All were adults as well. As my breathing returned to normal and I grabbed a broom and Windex, I heard more buzzing at the front window in the kitchen. Cursing once more, I drew up those blinds and was greeted by the same sight-a moving shade on the window. I waged my war once more, then cleaned up all the mess. And then laid down on the couch again.

What made the situation worse for me, is that my roommate closes on my house this coming Wednesday, and I didn't want to have to deal with any new issues on this stupid house. I want it out of my hands ASAP. But I thought the problem was over. Until I got home from volleyball the next night, and Brandon let me know that he had to wage the same assault that I did. I was pissed. Brandon went down to the hardware store the next day to get some fly stuff, and ended up running into a few people that have been having the same problem. What the hell? They haven't returned, but we still have no idea where they came from or what caused it.

All I need now is a family of raccoons to move into the attic. That'd be wonderful.

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