Sunday, May 30, 2004

When will it end? 

I just got up from a 2-hour nap. You would think after sleeping for about 11 hours last night and a 2-hour nap today that I'd be wide awake, right? Not so much. Maybe some exercise would do me good. Instead I am heading over to a bbq. I'll bring the bocce ball set. That'll be my exercise for the day.

On a cool note, Glenn Reynolds has linked to a couple of sites that are discussing the Blogger Bash from the other night. Well, maybe there are not so much discussions as Gary Farber prattling on endlessly about his version of the night(Which is mostly fictional. Although he was wearing a space shirt, and I did overhear part of the conversation he and a young lady had about said shirt. That part was true) and Jeff Goldstein discussing the intellectual conversations he and his neighbor had the day after. It's all entertaining as hell and you should check it out.

I need to update my blogroll now. I'll get to that later. I still need a shower before I leave. Stupid blogging. Always getting me in trouble.

"...prattling on endlessly...."?
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