Thursday, May 27, 2004

Stress relief 

I've got a new habit. I roam the streets of my neighborhood late at night. I toss the minidisc player in my pocket, turn on some tunes, and wander for a while. I've gone out for anywhere from 3 houses down (don't ask) to a couple hours. You might ask: "Don't you get bored walking around by yourself?" Well, no, I don't. I'm a hell of a conversationalist (esp. with myself) and I have a vivid imagination (when not clouded with hops and barley) so I have plenty of entertainment. Besides, it's dark and quiet and relaxing as hell. I have just a couple of things going on in my life right now (in case you missed it, the reason you had a hard time reading those last words is because they were so laden with sarcasm that it mucked you down and made getting thru them pretty tough.) and it's nice to get out and let my mind wander and ponder and make no sense of anything, but it's a nice release all the same. I'm going to get a walk in tonight. It's just a question of when. Maybe now. The brain juices are flowing about as well as sap in the middle of winter (yeah, that's cliched, I know. I told you, there's not much going on right now.)

I'll be back. Unless I fall into the canal and drown/freeze to death. That'd be entertaining. I wonder what kind of face I'd have etched into my features when they found me? Would it be a "I'm freakin' cold and now I'm hypotherming to death" face or a face reflecting the bliss at being released from all bad, a scared face at all the things I would be missing out on in life because I drowned in a dirty and nasty retention pond of a canal? Or maybe the squirrels in the park will band together and gnaw my face off. That's make it harder for me to be identified. And really, do the cops and detectives want their job to be easy? I'll bet they crave a challenge. I'll leave my wallet and phone here to add to their fun.

Enough of that. I still have the toilet experiment to try when I get back....

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