Friday, May 21, 2004

A small baby step in the right direction 

The Washington Post has an article entitled: "Press Can't Let Abuse Story Go"

Wow. They are admitting the 'quagmire' the mainline press seems to have fallen in. And they discuss the lack of any focus on a different story-for a few lines. They somehow manage to keep most of the article on the prison abuse scandal though! Even though they appear to be decrying the press's lack of variety these days, they find themselves stuck in the same rut! It is a start though. Maybe next time they can mention all the other things going on around the world instead of continuing to focus on the prison story while saying another focus should be found.

Kind of funny, if you think about it.

The article starts:

Accounts and graphic photos of Iraqi prisoner abuse persist in the press despite the fact that the story has run its course.

The world already knows salient details of the prisoner humiliation and nudity, the causes of the abuse are under official investigation, and the courts-martial have begun. Yet, the caterwaul in the press against the American military and the war in Iraq continue.

And this is followed with:

"U.S. faces growing fear of failure," noted one recent Washington Post headline.

ABC was the first to air yet another set of photos — these showing two U.S. soldiers grinning next to the body of an Iraqi at the Abu Ghraib prison near Baghdad. Al Arabiya, an Arabic broadcaster, also aired the photos of Army Spc. Charles A. Graner and Spc. Sabrina D. Harman — both facing a court-martial for prisoner abuse.

Funny. They made it almost thru 2 paragraphs before continuing to over-report the details of the pics....

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