Sunday, May 30, 2004

Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash 

I attended this little soiree 2 days ago (Friday night) and got my first glimpse into the blogging community-the Colorado based bloggers primarily.

Yes, today is Sunday, and I know that. Why did I wait this long instead of getting my observations out earlier? Maybe that night after it was all over like Gary Farber (Amygdala) did? Well, unlike Gary, I was not drinking lemonade all night. That and my friends and I decided to go camping for the weekend despite the weather forecast of cold, rain, and wind. Which it was. With a little snow. That is why I am home already.

Back to the party. A thanks, first of all, to Walter, Darren, Andy (didn't get to meet you, but thanks), and Zomby.

The night before this gala affair, I made the wise decision to stay up (and sporadically blog) until almost 3am. Getting to work before 8 that day was no small feat, but I pulled it off. I even got some work done! Suffice it to say, by the end of the day (3:30pm) I was zonked. I headed home and dropped in to bed and didn't awaken for almost 2.5 hours. Oops. The good news was that I was more awake and felt capable of handling the hordes of bloggers at the bash. I made it down by 8ish, got a drink at the bar (they were pouring generously, let me tell ya) and started mingling. By mingling I mean that I walked around talking to myself and my drink for a while until I stopped in to listen in on a couple of conversations. Eventually I was pointed to the rear of the room and was told the bloggers were there. Ok, cool. I made it to the back of the room and got to meet Andrew Olmsted (hey Zomby-you got his website right but misspelled his last name!) and Bloodthirsty Warmonger. I chatted them up for a while then headed off to refresh my drink (whiskey/cokes, using only the finest-aka cheapest-whiskey). Over the course of the next couple of hours I got to meet Dorkafork and Gary Farber at Amygdala (who made it known to me that he thinks the copious number of blogs out there are stealing his readership. I tried to convey to him that I am no one to worry about since his daily readership [on slow days] easily doubles my monthly readership)(I also heard him repeatedly attempt to explain where the name of his blog came from and how it should be pronounced. He seemed confused himself at times), I made runs past Jeralyn Merrit of TalkLeft, Jeff Goldstein (Protein Wisdom), Stephen Green (Vodkapundit), Walter in Denver, Darren Copeland (Colorado Conservative), Freedomsight, and Zombyboy at ResurrectionSong.

Those of you who know me may not believe this, but for the most part I hung out in the background and took it all in. My defense-I had still not woken up from my nap, and I didn't sleep nearly enough last week. Regardless, it was a lot of fun meeting everyone. I figured out that I am very new to this game (a 'baby-blogger' if you will) so for this event I was content simply getting my feet wet.

I'd like to 'thank' Zombyboy for those last 2 whiskey cokes ("Sorry, you're getting Jack and Cokes. None of that bad whiskey. Who else needs a drink! I'm buying!" That is paraphrased as this was towards the end of the night and had no recording devices on me) and the shot of tequila. Oy.

Jeff Goldstein was kind enough to acknowledge my existence with a "You, I don't know" during a round of "I love you"s to the crowd. He was also astounded by, and made numerous mention of Darren Copeland's resemblance to Colin Quinn (sp?).

For the record: Jeff Goldstein is not an uber-rightist and Gary Farber is not a libertarian. They were very adamant about this. Repeatedly.

Stephen Green does in fact like a good martini.

Ok, that is all I have energy for right now. I need to go wash the smoke smell off of me (since it was cold and very windy the whole 1.5 days we tried to camp, we didn't do much more than stand around a fire). And maybe do something productive before heading to Troy and Trai's house to continue the weekend of 'camping'. I wonder if his neighbors will mind us setting up camp in their yards?

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