Wednesday, May 19, 2004

A rational reason 

I went out to dinner with my girlfriend tonight. Grabbed some beers and pizza at BeauJo's (I may have spelled that wrong) and spent most of the night discussing politics, and the lack of a decent candidate to vote for in November. The talk turned to the Iraq war of course. From there it went down two diverging paths that didn't really meet up anywhere, much less somewhere in the woods (there ain't many woods in the 'burbs of Denver. Just some non-native trees scattered about).

Discussionary Path 1: Who is worse for the future of our country, in terms of Iraq? Kerry or Bush? Here was my argument. If Kerry gets in, I'm afraid that he would toss the responsibility over to the UN and take us out of the equation (essentially). Why is this bad? Well, as we've seen lately (Congo, Sudan, West Africa, virtually everywhere...) it is an ineffectual organization that seems to do more harm than good (oil for food scandal anyone?). If we send them in, I feel that the 'help' will collapse and Iraq will plunge back into violent chaos. And once again, the people of Iraq will be screwed. Unfortunately, there are people in this country that would love to see this scenario occur. That way they get to say: "I told you so", about the war being a bad idea. Which is great. Lots of Americans, Iraqis, and various other international soldiers would have lost their lives trying to help out, and the country would be left to fend for themselves (which ain't gonna work out well). All to be able to gloat. Yeah, those idiots are out there (Michael "I made up most of the 'truths' in my 'documentary'" Moore). Can you guess how many people they know in the military? Idiots. And that is why I worry about Kerry getting elected.

Discussionary Path 2: I am very conflustered about this Iraq war, and the reasons this administration has decided to hang their collective hats on as reasons for invading. HOW COME, no one ever, and no one still talks about the 12 YEARS that S. Hussein flipped the world community the bird? The UN says, "Do this". He didn't. The US (and Clinton) tossed out some bombs until he acquiesced. Then the UN would 'reign' in the US until the next time. 12 years that idiot pulled that crap! How come that never comes up as a reason for getting him out. Isn't that plenty valid a reason? I don't know how to handle the fact that this never comes up, and no one ever mentions it. Instead of playing on the sympahthies of the world community ("we are going after terrorists") or falling back on their claims that they thought the WMD info was valid, why don't they talk about Hussein's track record??? It confounds me to no end.

That is enough of that. I am still a part of date night over here in South Denver, and my girlfriend is probably sick of me typing while she is watching the Drew Carey Show instead of us spending some quality time or something....

Saddam generally not doing what everyone wanted him to do isn't a reason for our invasion because, well, it's his fucking country and he can do what he wants.
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