Monday, May 17, 2004

More Moore malarky 

From Drudge:

20 mins standing ovation for FAHRENHEIT 9-11, yelling, screaming, cheering... 'This is the longest stading ovation in the history of the festival! Unbelievable!' declared Cannes stalwart Thierry Fremaux. Moore, raising fist, unable to speak over crowd, vows to fight... Controversial scene in film shows wounded American GI in Iraq talking about how Democrats must win election... Movie shows video of U.S. soldiers laughing as they place hoods over Iraqi detainees, with one of them grabbing a prisoner's genitals through a blanket...

Question is, how legitimate are the claims and arguments in this new "documentary"? How much has he made up/manipulated? It would be nice if he could weed out the crap he pulls for entertainment value. That would increase his legitimacy as a source of valuable info, and would allow for more out of the box thinking. As it is, I don't trust him. He has shown (again) recently that he is more into a good story than getting the facts right.

Secondly, why did his movie get the reaction it did? Because of the questions it raised or simply because it was anti-Bush? I have a feeling that the response would have been more subdued had the movie come out last year before all the Iraq stuff started.

I don't care what the actors/actresses and the like thought about the movie. They are far from biased (who isn't?), and given all the anti-Bush talk most of them have indulged in, this story lends no more credibility to Moore or his movie in my eyes.

I guess now he doesn't need to lie about Disney to get some attention....

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