Sunday, May 16, 2004

More Iraqi blogging 

Check out this entry by Mohammad. It's more of the type of news we don't get to hear back here. As I keep saying, this is too bad for the soldiers, their families, and the rest of us looking for some good in this whole Iraq 'venture'. Check it out. Very heartening.

The point behind all these pictures and stories I mentioned is that the people started to speak out and express their feelings and here we’re in great need for support from the free world to back the progress. Moving back is absolutely unacceptable; we’ve put our feet on the right way and we need help from the others. Never let the bad pictures lay their heavy shadow on the good, bright ones. The negative media want our eyes to pause on the bad events to win time in this worldwide battle and to make us forget the good pictures that encourage us to keep the momentum. This includes most of the major western media.

I put the emphasis on the media comment. When you hear something like that, is pulling out now really a good idea? Are we really not accomplishing anything but turning the people against us? It's a tough call, especially when the infotainment (I love that term!) industry only gives us half truths and half stories.

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