Thursday, May 20, 2004

Keep on truckin'! 

I am exhausted. I've worked for the last 11 days, stressed out every day. God willing I will be leaving work after lunch tomorrow. But that is beside the point. Tonight I had every intention of getting out in public (probably to Milo's-$4 20oz Guinness all day every day. Hell of a deal). Instead, I've been on the couch pretty much since I got home after 5. Unfortunately, tv has sucked tonight (didn't need to watch 12 hours of Friends) and until now I've been pretty worthless.

But we (me and the roommate) just put in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (not nearly the dialogue masterpieces like Kevin Smith's earlier movies, but funny as hell) and I am drinking a Loft Beer (seasonal New Belgium beer) and am waking up. This movie rocks.

And I've decided that I am in love with Ali Larter. Hottie. So Ali, if you are reading this (A guy can dream. Leave me alone!) and you want to hang out with some dude you don't know, drop me a line! Although given recent events (the girls just bounced out of the back of the van outside of the Moo Burger place), Eliza Dushku is pretty damn hot as well.

Either way, they're both easier on my eyes than Brandon (the roomie).

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