Friday, May 28, 2004

I'm tired 

Ok, it's after 2 in the morning, and how much do you want to bet that once I get into bed I will wake up more than I am now and won't fall asleep for a while? I'll take your wagers now. It'll happen. It keeps happening. But I am tired. Physically tired, beaten down a little. Mentally drained as well. Why? Long stories and I don't feel like getting into it. Leave me alone, all right? Quit being so demanding! Geez. I'll come around. I am planning to head out to the Buena Vista area this weekend to camp for a couple days with some friends. Unfortunately they are predicting crappy weather for most of the weekend. I want to sleep. I want to sit on a beach with a cup of coffee and watch the sun break the horizon and light up the waves, slowly rising in the sky until it blankets me in its soothing warmth. (ideally it'd be a hidden beach and I could lay there in all my 'glory' and enjoy the sun that much more. well, enjoy it, but not so much as to get sunburn in very uncomfortable areas). No need to be anywhere, nothing needing to be done, except maybe read a book or take a nap or pull out the "learn to draw what you see" book and realize it's full of crap because hell no i can't drraw what i see. i ain't no damn artiste i'm a 'trained' engineer (monkey) and drawing takes creative power and mine's been stifled by rules and routine and all that bunk that ruins creativity. you know what i mean right? That sounds nice and relaxing and like a pipe dream. not a pipe like the kind that carries sewage to the treatment plant, maybe the reference is more to a pipe that is used to smoke ILLEGAL substances, isn't that fight pretty dumb? ain't more addictive than cigs or alcohol or for god's sake caffeine which i will need a ton of to get thru tomorrow i have this dreadful feeliong that one day my decisions will come cback to haunt me and lay me down in a field of stone you're as smooth as tennesee whiskey you're as sweet as strawberry wine who said DAC was not a romantic? with lines like that you could rule the roost and maybe even take over the sorority house in one fell swoop even as a non-greek. adomis now there was a mythical creation not quite as keen as the zephyr that was a sweet ride out up into the flwoering clouds of a summer thnuderstorm tearing across the midwest and taking apart piece by piece the various trailer parks and storm chasers coming acorsss it's pathfinder is and SUV no matter what you may think about while you are striping down to your socks to go swimming in the ole' swimmin' hole with bobby joe and mary sue and all the clampetts out yonder in the hill of muskogee montana is the place to be cows all over the place and people spittin' and drinkin' and fightin' and chewin' and that is stereotyping isn't it that is not good please don't stereotype me i swear i am not deranged or manic or schizo or mentally detached though i may be and what if i am you didn't read down this far to find a point to the ramble did you? that'd be a silly waste of your time go back up to the top and read it again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and find me the point the theme the underlying emotion that created this monstrosity and i will give you a crisp and clean $5 bill or a burrito whichever came before the chicken which did in fact come before the egg because the primordial soup was not made up of egg shells by microbes and beings and beans and rice and soup sounds tasty a burrito would be good right now no! chicken noodle soup no a chicken pot pie with a cheesy chocolaty topping. no i'm not pregnant i don't eat dirt at least not since the last time and that doesn't count because it wasn't my idea and it was a bet and i got moeny for it at least it was better than eating ants off the floor in homeroom for a total of a whopping (crane?) $9 but it was worth it because it got me the chicks ok not really but in my mind ....still didn't get 'em. i am going home now because my mind has drifted up into the stratosphere and i am circumlocuting around the true point of my message hidden inhere (are people following you? are people trying to kill you? are you sure you aren't being followed? is your phone tapped? do people follow you down the street?) no the shower heads are not bugged by the russkies or anyone else for that matter so take a damn fuckin' shower and get on with your life i don't care that your spanish justmproved to a level of 7 because the stress is taking your mind and erasing the cells that keep you sane and now it's done


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