Friday, May 14, 2004

I love the media 

Instapundit has a piece on the media and the widesread decision to continually focus on the Iraqi prison abuse scandal and forget about Nick Berg. How come? His take (which I agree with) is that by focusing on the prisoner scandal, they are hurting Bush. If they keep talking about the decapitation, it'll only create sympathy. God forbid that happens. I have pretty much stopped watching the news on tv, but according to the above piece, some media outlets are still showing pictures cropped from porn to look like US soldiers have sex. We all know those are faked! Why are they still getting airtime? Thank goodness the redneck girl (who really, had nothing to do with what happened in those pictures. Really! They made her have a good time!) is constantly in our faces. Frankly, I don't need to see or hear anymore from her or any others. Figure out what happened and how far up the chain of command this crap went, and punish these people! It's disgusting! Sure they told you to do this stuff (allegedly), but do you not have enough free-minded thinking to say: "This is wrong. No, I won't have any part of this"? Or were you ok with it, but now that you've been caught you are going to play innocent and pass the blame? It's all disgusting.

Brief tangent (another) from the subject of the media: Is it me, or does the evidence and wanton distribution of these pictures show, to a certain extent, the intelligence level of these people? How smart are people who indulge in criminal behavior and tape it? Why would you want a record of it? I think I did hear something about how in the prison, pics like that could be used to coerce other inmates into talking. But come on!

Back to the matter at hand....

Here's another piece by Instapundit, again showing the media bias (and no, it is not a conservative bias. I am not sure how people are still on that bandwagon). I can't understand how a US citizen could hate a president so much that they actively hope for us to lose a war/conflict. Do they not understand that this means many American service men and women are going to die? Is it that important for them to be able to say: "I told you so"? That is disgusting to me. If they really feel that strongly, stay the hell out of the country. Take your venomous small mind somewhere else. Then when you are hoping for the US to lose, you won't be rooting against someone you may know. Idiots.

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