Monday, May 17, 2004

Hummer sales down.... 

I gotta say, I hate the Hummer (for civilian use) and the H2, and I am pretty sure I'll also hate the H3 when it comes out. It's an oversized waste, pandering to people who need big, flashy and trendy things to feel important. They are an ego trip (The vehicles), and frankly I find people who drive them pathetic. The Hummer is a monument to the excessive American who has no concern for anything other than themselves and their image. Pathetic, that's what it is.

Well sales are down, and they are now offering incentives for the first time to try and increase their sales. I hope it doesn't work. I hope the fad is gone, and I hope people that want/'need' to have one can find their way back out of their colons and get their head back out into the sunlight.

This makes me happy:

Sales of the flagship Hummer H2 have fallen for eight consecutive months, and 24 percent in the first four months of the year, compared with the same periods a year earlier. G.M. has resorted to rebates and financing deals, which have become standard for every Detroit brand but Hummer. Inventories piled up as Hummers sat unsold 62 days on average in the first quarter, compared with 15 days a year earlier. And G.M. is now using leases, which are less lucrative than sales, to move a quarter of its volume of H2's, according to J. D. Power & Associates.

Ain't that too damn bad. Really, I am broken up about it. And this guy seems to think the one time arson attack is an on-going thing in California:

"I know they're burning them in California," he added, referring to the arson of a dealership last year. The attack was linked to the Earth Liberation Front, a radical environmental group. "But we didn't see that here," he said.

"We look at the higher-end S.U.V.'s as really being fashion statements," said Wes Brown, an analyst at Iceology, a market research firm in Los Angeles. "It had its moment in the sun when everyone had to have one. And now, that's it. It's done." The H2's initial success and subsequent cooling off was mirrored by other memorable vehicles, including late 90's revivals of the Ford Thunderbird and Volkswagen Beetle, he said.

Yeah, like paying $200 for a pair of freakin' jeans. Again, I think this trend is pathetic.

I need to find these websites:

One Web site dedicated to what it calls the "ultimate poseur vehicle" has collected 553 photographs from people all over the country giving salutes to Hummers, Hummer executives, Hummer toys and pictures of Hummers in magazines. As one might guess, these are not military salutes. The site's name cannot be printed in a family newspaper.

The Sierra Club sponsors www.hummerdinger.com, a satirical site lampooning Hummers for, among other things, getting less than half the mileage of a Model T Ford.

California's new guv was the first to buy a Hummer (non-military). He recently said that he would like it converted to a hydrogen fueled vehicle. Hummer said no way, that will not support the performance characteristics of the vehicle. What?? How many people that buy one of those monstrosities actually use it for what it was designed for? You don't need that much power and performance to drive to work or a soccer game.

Yes, I hate this vehicle.

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