Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Fahrenheit 911 

Here is a review of Michael Moore's new movie. Not exactly raving, and this from a guy that gave "Bowling for COlumbine" 4 stars.

Sidenote: I heard a quote frmo a higher up at GM sometime in the past week. He was discussing 'Roger and Me', and how Moore showed the unwillingness of the GM execs to talk with him (I have not seen the movie). According to this guy, this is another example of Moore taking a situation and playing with it to give the impression he wants (not exactly a true documentary tactic). He said that lots of people want to talk with/interview the folks at GM, and at the time, Moore was just another no-name trying to get in on his own time. Why would they talk with him? Especially since his tactic was to walk up to the front door and demand an interview.

Sheds a new light on the venom he tosses all over doesn't it?

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