Monday, May 31, 2004

Best. Movie. Ever. 

"I don't meant to brag.....but I'm the greatest!"

Ok, maybe not, but it's closeWhite Men Can't Jump

I love this movie! I haven't seen it in so long! But I found it in my room (taped off of HBO many moons ago) and just threw it in. I don't know what the true cause is, but I can't stop giggling. ("I may be a chump, I just said that ain't my name!") I don't know if it's the movie, the DDP and Rum, the Corey's World Famous Hamburgers we just finished eating, or the blogging craving I am now sating.

All in all, not a bad end to the night. Well, except I have to work tomorrow.

Now I wanna go play some hoops. Dang! Maybe this week. Gotta get me some.

"Shut your anorexic, malnutritioned, tape-worm having, overdoesed dick gregory bohemian diet drinking ass up and leave me alone!"

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