Monday, May 31, 2004

Another reason to love blogging. 

I am an engineer. I went to Purdue University in Indiana-a huge engineering school. Most of my friends in college were engineers or technology students. Post-college, I moved to Denver (where I knew no one) and now almost all of my friends out here are engineers. Don't get me wrong-my friends are great and I have nothing against engineers. But, a good friend of mine makes fun of me for not knowing any non-engineers. And I think she is right. At the blogger bash last Friday night I got to hang around a room of non-engineers (for the most part). And it was great! Granted, the people were great (suck-up maneuver #1), but to be around people whose conversations did not deteriorate into a talk on work topics was incredible and interesting as hell (suck-up #2)! I loved it! Now I am even more sucked into this blogging world than I was before. I need to hang out with more non-engineers! They are so interesting!

So thanks again for the great bash (suck-up #3)

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