Saturday, May 15, 2004

Another Iraqi blogger 

Riverbend had this to say:

I think beheading was the chosen method of 'execution' because the group wanted to shock Americans and westerners in the worst possible way. The torturers at Abu Ghraib and other prisons chose sexual degradation because they knew that nothing would hurt and appall Iraqis and Muslims more than those horrible, sadistic acts. To Iraqis, death is infinitely better than being raped or sexually abused. There are things worse than death itself and those pictures portrayed them.

Interesting, eh? I am still not saying that the atrocities from Abu Ghraib are on the same level as Nick Berg being beheaded, but this gives some insight into how some (all?) Iraqis feel about all this. This is one more reason to punish the hell out of those soldiers. Our image is hurtin' enough. The last thing anyone needed was for those idiots to let their 'power' go to their head and abuse people (yes, they are people even thought the small minded bigots watching over them apparently don't think so) who have no way to defend themselves. I don't know the history of the people in that prison, but whatever they did, it's not up to the soldiers to punish them and treat them like animals.

The soldiers that took part in all this piss me off. They keep begging off responsibility (one of my biggest pet peeves about our society these days-and inability to admit when you are wrong and accept the consequences), saying they were ordered to take part and that they didn't know better. Bullshit. What about Joseph Darby? How come he didn't take part but instead documented what was going on and reported it to higher officials? Blaming the chain of command my ass. The uppers should have stopped what was going on (did they order it? I don't know. JD still didn't take part), but no one put a gun to the heads of the soldiers who did all this. Sac up and admit you are a perverted, small-minded imbecile and take what's coming to you.

Why are people so friggin' stupid?

Yes, I am in a fould mood today.

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