Thursday, April 08, 2004

What is justifiable? 

So this guy is having his customized car stolen out of his driveway. He shoots the 2 guys stealing it, killing one (one was shot in the back). While I think that may have been excessive (though who's to say the thieves didn't have guns that they would have used had they been confronted? This was not mentioned in this article. The shooter/victim is being charged with murder.

Question-if you are stealing someone's car, should anyone really be surprised that some recourse was taken against the thieves by the victim? Maybe calling the cops would have been the 'wiser' thing to do, but maybe by the time the cops arrived the car would be gone for good (and the victim would not be in jail...). It's almost (but not quite) like someone attacking a police officer and then being pissed that the cops used force back against them. You are attacking a cop!! How is it a surprise? Likewise, you are stealing a man's car (he's 26). EXPECT A RESPONSE!

I'm not sure how I feel about this (oh wait, maybe I am....)

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