Thursday, April 08, 2004

There has to be a better way.... 

Ok, I understand that the meaning of Easter is not the Easter Bunny or egg searches or any of that commercial jazz. And I can understand that some people might want to let others know the true meaning of the season. But whipping the Easter Bunny to re-enact the Crucifixion in front of little kids? Sorry, but that's not right.

Patty Bickerton, the youth minister at Glassport Assembly of God (search), said the performance wasn't meant to be offensive. Bickerton portrayed the Easter rabbit and said she tried to act with a tone of irreverence.

"The program was for all ages, not just the kids. We wanted to convey that Easter is not just about the Easter bunny, it is about Jesus Christ," Bickerton said.

Right, is a four-year old going to understand that? No.

Melissa Salzmann, who brought her 4-year-old son J.T., said the program was inappropriate for young children.

"He was crying and asking me why the bunny was being whipped," Salzmann said.

Think that's bad? They didn't stop there:

Performers broke eggs meant for an Easter egg hunt and also portrayed a drunken man and a self-mutilating woman, said Jennifer Norelli-Burke, another parent who saw the show in Glassport, a community about 10 miles southeast of Pittsburgh.

Seriously, what were these people thinking? I wonder if they went around kicking little dogs on the way to their 'performance'....

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