Thursday, April 22, 2004

Supportive comments 

Moore brings up the Bush/Saudi connection. Those are questions that have not been answered and should be.

Jessica Lynch-the story the biased media presented turned out to be inflated and even wrong in a lot of respects. The rescue was set-up to bolster flagging support for the war. (The initial rescue story was disputed by docs in the hospital. They said it was all hype, that there was no resitance in the hospital)

My question is (Moore did not touch on this), what about Shoshana Johnson, who was wounded and taken hostage before Jessica Lynch? Oh wait, she was black and not waif-like so she was ignored and got nowhere near the attention JL got.

Army Spec. Shoshana Johnson was shot through both legs and held prisoner for 22 days, but is receiving only a 30 percent disability benefit. Johnson, who is black, has accused the military of racism and applying a double-standard. Lynch commented to USA Today, “We were all POWs... It was a horrible thing to go through, so I think we all should’ve been treated equally.”

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