Thursday, April 22, 2004


Read this article. I have heard of no groups in the US as brazen as this one. It's scary. At the same time, though, I sense hypocrisy and the skewing of the original teachings to a current lifestyle. These guys are radical Muslims living in England. They want terrorist attacks in London. They pray for the day they appear. But, how come they are living there, if they hate the people? Oh yeah, they like the lifestyle and the job (even though the lifestyle does not adhere to their idea of acceptable). In fact, the leader of one of the cells there, is perfectly healthy, yet is not working and is basically living off of welfare. What a crock! He did have this to say:

"Yes," he replies, unequivocally. "When a bomb attack happens here, I won't be against it, even if it kills my own children. Islam is clear: Muslims living in lands that are occupied have the right to attack their invaders."

Um, he's in London. How are the Britons the invaders? They are already there? Furthermore:

"Britain became a legitimate target when it sent troops to Iraq. But it is against Islam for me to engage personally in acts of terrorism in the UK because I live here. According to Islam, I have a covenant of security with the UK, as long as they allow us Muslims to live here in peace."

Right, so he's going to continue being a lazy sponge there until what? He stops getting his free money? They he will have been transgressed against sufficiently to justify moving away and launching an attack?

What's stopped you doing it (suicide bombing)? "As you know from watching the news," intones Abu Yusuf, "there are brothers who do leave the country and do it." He is referring to the four Muslims from Luton who died fighting for the Taliban in Afghanistan, and the two British Muslims, said to have had ties to al-Muhajiroun, who last April left to become suicide bombers in Israel. "In-shallah [ Godwilling], there will be a time to go."

What is this guy waiting for? He wants to "kill and be killed" as ordered in the Koran. I guess he is too comfortable in his cushy well-paying job to get around to carrying an attack out.

Not all Muslims feel this way (I would be willing to venture that a vast majority does not condone violence of this type. After all, the Koran is against murder....):

Muhammad Sulaiman, president of the Islamic Cultural Society, the largest of the 14 mosques in Luton, dismisses al-Muhajiroun as "verbal diarrhoea". "They are an extreme Right-wing group - the Muslim version of the BNP," he says disdainfully. "They think Muslims should dominate, just like the BNP thinks whites should dominate. They use Islam as a vehicle to promote their distorted beliefs, particularly to unemployed young bloods who are vulnerable."

Well said. And I love the 'verbal diarrhoea' comment.

Extremism. Not good. Not good at all.

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