Friday, April 02, 2004

Mutilated Americans 

A despicable act. As one Iraqi put it:

"This is a bad advertisement for everything we stand for," said Muhammad Khalifa, a spare-parts trader who closed his shop during the disturbance in a sign of disgust. "We may hate Americans. We may hate them with all our hearts. But all men are creatures of God."

While it may sound as though he doesn't condone the mutilation, I assume he has no problem with them being killed. But the latter half of the statement clearly shows the mindset of a lot of people not only in Iraq, but around the world. They hate us. Completely. Unless they need our help of course (but that is a different blog). Furthermore, as this article states:

One of the gravest sins in Islam is desecrating the dead.

Here again, the rule of Islam is being ignored in order to hurt the Americans. Granted, it may be a small group, but these small groups, acting as Allah 'wants' them to act (by their own interpretations and ignorance of their own religion), are creating an incredible amount of chaos. How can we change that? More tolerance of their religion/lifestyle would be a big first step. But they are intolerant (the hardliners) of our lifestyle in return and see no reason to accept us as we are. An impasse? Maybe. Too many devout religious types find no cause to tolerate other religions, and there is our problem. I don't have much faith (no pun intended) that these problems can be overcome. Most major conflicts have religion as a root cause.

To add to that, many children in these countries are taught to hate Americans (whether justified or not) from the beginning. That is hard to overcome.

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