Thursday, April 22, 2004

More Michael Moore 

This guy is going to drive me nuts. Sorry these entries on his latest book are a bit disjointed, but I am listening to it at work, and throwing these posts out as it goes along.

His last rant (yes, this book seems to be a big rant for the most part) was over the Coalition of the Willing, that supported the US invasion of Iraq. As Moore lists the different countries, he makes sure to throw out ignorant, condescending, and nasty comments about the countries on the list. He is trying to show that the support from most of these countries is pointless in his opinion (doesn't moral support count for something?), but comes off sounding ignorant ("Eritrea, where the hell is that?) and insulting ("Latvia, more Nazi collaborators. Lithuania-even more collaborators."). Tell me why being a 'Nazi collaborator" negates the value of these countries? On top of all this, Moore makes use of insulting stereotypes ("Ethiopia? They are going to send starving children to fight" -that was paraphrased) to make his "point". But then following on the heels of his insults, is the list of countries that did not support the war. Yet this time, he did not resort to name calling and country-bashing. Many of the countries that made this list would have received his vicious comments had they been on the war list. But since they weren't, I guess it wasn't worth his time to second guess them. He just accepted them as perfect.

Consistency, Mr. Moore. You should find some (as well as some respect for these countries and their cultures. Something you chastise Pres. Bush for not having.). Though I will give you some props for being a raging hypocrite. You're really good at that.

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