Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Michael Moore 

I am listening to the book "Dude, Where's my Country". So far, I am not impressed. Moore spent the first several minutes promoting his past books and toting himself as the most principled writer around, unafraid to stand up to the greater powers (publishers, Rupert Murdoch, the US govt, etc) thanks to his unwavering principles.

It now sounds as though he is trying to persuade the reader that because of bin Laden's kidney/dialysis problems, he is not scary and maybe the Saud's were the cause of 9/11, not bin Laden. He claims there is no reason to be scared of someone unless they are big and mean and in perfect health, and that bin Laden is not scary because he is not the penultimate bad guy. He seems to think that someone on dialysis could not have had anything to do with an act like 9/11 who would have no contact with the hijackers because he was lost, roaming the barren mountains in Afghanistan. In what world does MM live? Has he never heard of the internet? Or satellite phones? The guy is a billionaire (millionaire?). Why couldn't he have been responsible? This guy wants to do nothing but blame Bush for everything (earlier he blamed Bush for the US's history with Saudi Arabia), even if his reasons are ludicrous and totally closed minded. I am not saying there is no truth to some of his arguments, but the guy is an idiot. He is letting his need to posture for attention and his animosity against the Repub's to blind him against the real world. He may be one of the very few people (in the world) that is convinced (at least at the timeof this book's publishing) bin Laden is not responsible for 9/11.

Why would the Saud's attack us (as he just proposed)? Sure they hate us, that is clear. They get tons of money (and immunity, in some cases) from us. Why would they piss is the pot they drink from?

Oh wait, it must have been them because the only place a person could learn to fly a jumbo jet is in the air force, "someone's airforce". That is why they could not be bin Laden spawned terrorists.

Seriously, what is this guy smoking? How is his word taken as gospel by so many people?

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