Sunday, April 11, 2004

Malaria and DDT 

I don't have time for a long blog on this, so it'll be a quickie. I am pretty sure you'll have to register to read this, but it's free, you don't get spam/crap mail out of it, and it's a good article.

We got rid of malaria here thru the use of DDT. Then we banned DDT. We still don't have malaria here, but many countries like Africa still lose way too many people to the disease. DDT does help quell the outbreaks, but since DDT has been essentially banned, these outbreaks continue. It sounds as though spraying inside a house helps tremendously without hurting the environment and really without hurting the people in the house. But it's hard to come by and not promoted as a good countermeasure. It's a very interesting/illumuinating article.

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