Sunday, April 11, 2004

I love Denver weather 

I went to dinner tonight at a great Ethiopian restaurant up on Colfax Ave. Got home around 8:45ish and got back on the coach to watch all the nothing on tv. While I was sitting there, dreaming of the Guinness that would soon be making its way into my gullet, I heard a big breeze kick up outside and some rain hit the front picture window. Thinking nothing of it, I continued destroying my brain watching tv. About 10 minutes later I got off my butt and looked out the window. Lo and behold, there was already a layer of snow on the grass! There was no snow in the forecast, only 70 degree weather in a day or two! Since it was too early to sleep, I went for a walk. It was real nice too-I wish I'd had a camera. I walked the 2 blocks to the walking trail along the Highline Canal, and looking down the canal (which believe it or not was filled with water) was a rather beautiful sight-the snow was falling, the lights were lighting it up and the water in the canal was so calm that there was a great reflection from the larger trees along the bank. Very nice.

2 hours later, I am back and still not sleeping. I can't wait until the warm weather in a couple days!

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