Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Government spending 

Everyone is worried about the huge deficit we are running up. The Bushies claim they are not spending that much, though most everyone else disputes that (I will blog more on that later. There is an article in the National Review I need to read). Well, according to this article, millions of dollars are being spent in a crusade against 'obscenity'-porn. This is the first time in 10 years that such an effort is being waged against porn. And nothing is is off-limits.

What a waste of money. There are so many other places that kind of money that could be spent (say, the war on terror?), but instead our government is wasting millions in an attempt to get into the rest of the bedrooms in the country not covered by the anti-gay marriage crusade.

We can thank big John Ashcroft for heading up this new colossal waste of money. He is a religious man who doesn't drink alcohol or caffeine, smoke, gamble or dance (what do you do?). I guess he doesn't like anything fun in life (maybe he's Catholic and is wracked by guilt?) and like the President he is serving, wants to make the rest of the country live his Puritanical life. Or maybe he has never seen a naked body (showers clothed, sex in the dark). I mean really, protesting naked people and sexual acts? I'll bet Ashcroft is a closet S&M guy. Is it really that important that people, in their own damn homes, don't watch porn? Who the hell cares? What happens in my bedroom is my business. If I want to have someone (man, woman or chimp) come into MY HOME and whip the crap out of me while I'm hog-tied and covered in processed cheese, that's my business and my business alone. Maybe Ashcroft isn't getting any at home and thinks no one else should either. Maddening. Like I said in a post a little while ago, if we let the govt start getting into our bedroom, where or when will it stop? What is next? And what else is this administration wasting money on?

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