Monday, April 05, 2004

A good day 

Saturday was a good day, once the marathon study session ended. I cruised up to the mountains to join up with my dad and his friends. There was no traffic, the radio was treating me right, and there was cold Busch Light Draft waiting for me in the fridge.

As we discussed where to ski on Sunday, the room grew quiet as UConn shut down Duke's offense (held them scoreless for almost 5 minutes!) and came back from a 7 or 9 point deficit with just over a minute to play to win the game and keep Duke from making it to the NCAA Finals. I was overjoyed. Unlike my friend Bill who thought the game was terrible, it was a hellishly good finish. I enjoyed watching it immensely.

Points to note:
I believe Coach K (whose rants were ignored by the refs at the end of the game) was an assistant under Bobby Knight. That is just one more reason to dislike Duke.

I had a dream that night that made me wake up in a bad mood. I dreamt that UConn lost. An hour of convincing myself otherwise made the day all better.

Vail is in no way my first choice for skiing (don't believe the hype)

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